Thermal Imaging, Elephant Listening

©Elephant Listening Project. A thermal image of a juvenile forest elephant drinking minerals dissolved in water at the Dzanga Bai, Central African Republic. Different color palettes can be selected for the images (this one used “rainbow”) while the videos and the image at right were captured using the “iron” color palette.

We first saw the photos in a magazine, and then realized two of our own contributors work under the same roof as the Elephant Listening Project.

Click the image to the left to go to their website for photos and videos of the amazing new approach to listening.  We just returned there to see the new photo to the left and listen to some new recordings they have provided.

And then it dawned on us that we are currently identifying the theme of Summer 2013 internships and our related contribution to conservation at the Periyar Tiger Reserve, which has a healthy population of Asian elephants who may benefit from some listening.

Maybe one of our Lab-based contributors will help us with an introduction to their office mates in the Elephant Listening Project?

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