Bald Eagle Encounter In Paonia, Colorado


This Bald Eagle is one of at  least two that fly through the valley where I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This one surprised me by swooping down meters away from me as I read a book outdoors on a warm winter day. Springing from my post on the roof of my house, I scrambled down onto  the deck and into my kitchen in a mad dash for a camera. The eagle had thankfully not left its position in a tree barely thirty feet from my house in that time. With a harsh glare radiating from the sun just short of dead center behind the eagle, it took several test shots in order to capture anything worthwhile. As I tweaked my exposure for the last time, a second eagle fell upon the first from above, flying away, taunting after a rapid pass. Before I was capable of getting a clear shot of either eagle, they were out of range. I kept my eyes on them as they gained altitude with their distance. Reaching great heights, one crested the mountains – the other  returned to the valley in lazy downward spirals, ending in a graceful landing in a habitual tree several hundred meters away from my house.


One thought on “Bald Eagle Encounter In Paonia, Colorado

  1. There’s a nature trail next to where I live (Silver Spring, MD, USA). I use it fairly frequently, and I often find a well-dressed gentleman,,probably in his 70s, briskly walking along. Seeing me always with a camera, he once stopped and pulled out a few photographs from his pocket. He showed me a couple of cute pictures of a Canada goose with its goslings in a nearby pond. A few days back he stopped me again and showed a few more photographs that he had taken recently – of a Bald Eagle.on a tree next to the same pond. He had taken it about 10 days ago, on one of the coldest mornings in recent times. I am fairly new to this area and wonder if Bald Eagles are common around here.

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