Monkey Business in Dehli


New Dehli has tried numerous schemes to control its monkey population. Photo Credit: Sajjad Hussain

We’ve had our fair share of monkey business as a garden challenge in Cardamom County. In Dehli, they’re looking for ways to monkey proof their city.

Reporting monkey raids, Sharma says, residents complain that ” ‘they’ve just taken away my clothes,’ or … ‘they have opened the fridge’ … and ‘they’ve taken out the food.’ “

The monkeys have also been known to intimidate fruit vendors and get intoxicated on stolen whiskey. Sharma says when they fail to find food, they can raise a rumpus.

You can read more in depth at the original article here. Initially, there were people who were hired to train Langurs because they were able to frighten off the smaller Rhesus monkeys. That practice was recently banned due to animal rights concerns. Now, there are 40 men hired to mimic the calls of the Langurs to scare them away.

“Having the company of a langur was effective. You would do the job better together. It was like a partner,” he says. “But now it’s just men, aimlessly running around chasing monkeys.”

Kumar adds that langurs kept the monkeys away for three to four days.

Watching Nath dart between trees, screeching, he’s at pains to scare the monkeys for more than five minutes,

While the city is attempting to keep the monkeys away, food is handed out to monkeys as an offering to the monkey god, Hanuman, on Tuesdays by Hindu devotees.


Monkeys mob a devout Hindu man with a packet of biscuits in New Delhi Photo Credit: Saurabh Das

We won’t be trying this method in Cardamom County as it doesn’t seem to me like the most effective way to monkey proof but they certainly have quite more to protect than a small farm.

To read more from this NPR article, click here.


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