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Thinking of Seth’s recent work at Xandari’s neighboring school, and earlier work in Galapagos, this article strikes a cord:

Laura Carlin’s artistic exercises for young minds

The Phaidon author demonstrates how creativity comes from an active mind not an overly tutored hand

At Phaidon, we understand that a good art education should start early. Yet some books for younger readers aren’t always especially kid friendly. This is why we’ve buddied up with the London illustrator and educator Laura Carlin. Her fantastic new book, A World of Your Own, treats drawing not so much as a skill be to mastered, but as a fantastic toy, to engage a child’s imagination.


One of Laura Carlin’s pupils at The Big Draw event

The title, which has more in common with a Tomi Ungerer book than a conventional art primer, encourages kids to reimagine their home as a tree house, a baby brother as an egg, and a paper banana as a viable form of public transportation. It’s great just to read to kids, but works better when they’ve got some art supplies in front of them.

Read the whole story here.

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