ReefCl Annual Report 2016

The citizen science activities we’ve discussed during this past year go beyond bird counts and uploading data. In the case of the invasive lionfish, participants have to really get their feet wet, so to speak.

In addition to creating a viable income in local fishing communities affected by the lionfish invasion by the developing the market for the meat and the spines, numerous organizations invite volunteers to assist in the eradication process itself.

Warm congratulations for the work they do!

ReefCI is currently supplying local restaurants with the lionfish we spear.  We are giving them lionfish to include on their menus to introduce lionfish as a food source and to increase awareness of this problem amongst restaurant customers!!  Lionfish ceviche, lionfish fish cakes, and fried whole lionfish are all delicious to eat.  ReefCI is also working with local Belizean women to help them make jewellery from the spines and fins.  We give them the sun-dried fins and spines and then buy the jewellery from the women and make them available for purchase.

We are extremely proud of our battle against the invasive and destructive lionfish. ReefCI is removing more lionfish and collecting more data on lionfish than any other organization in the country of Belize.  ReefCI staff and guests are on target to remove over 7,000 lionfish this year alone and dissect 1,585 for research purposes!

Read more about ReefCl on their website.

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