In Anticipation of Global Big Day, 2020

In a bit over a week, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s yearly push for a massive, coordinated citizen science effort in birdwatching will take place. On May 9th, I’ll be trying to see as many bird species as I can within my neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut, just like I did last year, when I photographed the Black-and-white Warbler pictured below (recently featured as a Bird of the Day, if it looks familiar). But this time around, I’ll be part of the Spoonbills Dream Team, raising money for the BirdsCaribbean campaign to support the Journal of Caribbean Ornithology.

Of course, I may have to wear a facemask this time around, but thankfully it won’t be difficult to remain physically distant from other people outdoors the way it might in a more dense urban area. As the BirdsCaribbean fundraising page shares,

“BirdsCaribbean’s mission is to conserve birds and habitats throughout the Caribbean islands. This depends in large part on science—investigating causes of species decline that can then inform management and conservation actions.

To share that science, our community of researchers depends on the Journal of Caribbean Ornithology (JCO). This in-house, peer-reviewed publication has served our community for 32 years and counting. But the JCO needs help to keep its publications free and open-access to the world.”

Having co-authored two scientific articles published in the Journal of Caribbean Ornithology, I am particularly thankful for the lack of submission fees and the open access nature of the journal, which helps ornithologists continue to perform their research efficiently. With the understanding that it might be an especially difficult time to be giving right now, I’m participating in this fundraiser to help forward science in a way that’s close to home!

Oh, and if you aren’t familiar with Global Big Day, click here.

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