Think Twice About Whatever It Takes For Honeybees

Since Milo’s 2011 post on this topic we have paid attention to the plight of honey bees and their human keepers, and might have had a “whatever it takes” perspective on letting those human keepers find solutions to keep their colonies alive. Jennifer Oldham’s article in Yale e360 has us thinking twice: Will Putting Honey … Continue reading Think Twice About Whatever It Takes For Honeybees

Drones Sound Like Bees To Wild Animals

Our links to stories in Cool Green Science have been among the most abundant of all our sources. This may be due to the publication’s commitment to finding stories that highlight positive change in our approach to understanding, respecting, protecting the environment. Here is another: Gustavo Lozada wants to change your mind about using drones around wildlife. … Continue reading Drones Sound Like Bees To Wild Animals

Citizen Science, Children & Bees

After following the work of Nicholas St. Fleur for a couple years now–his beat includes archaeology, paleontology, and space among other of the things we care about on this platform, including conservation–his most recent story below is my favorite for one reason, namely citizen science. Specifically the participation of youth in such an important scientific investigation: The Moon Eclipsed the Sun. … Continue reading Citizen Science, Children & Bees