Kerala Coconut Thatch Weaving

In my earlier posts, I wrote about the abundance of coconut trees in Kerala and their many uses from ingredients in typical foods to the construction of house boats. Another primary use is for roofing. Here at Marari Pearl, it is used unsparingly for most of the buildings from the restaurant to the 20 villas on site.


Bamboo and coconut weave framework at Marari Pearl

The process involves splitting the whole palm frond and weaving the individual leaves into each other until a sheet remains.  These “sheets” are then layered over bamboo beams and tied down creating the roof. A light bamboo frame is then placed over the coconut weave to prevent the elements from distorting it, increasing the lifespan. Roofs will last around one year before they have to be replaced. A lot of effort, but well worth the trouble to be using a sustainable, natural material.

The Restaurant

The Restaurant


In order to strengthen the fronds, they are soaked in water for up to 5 days and then taken out to dry before being woven (usually by women). The roofing is then done by the men…

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