Good Spirited

Although we don’t particularly endorse consumption of alcohol or hold loyalty to any single brand or type of liquor, we’re always on the lookout for positive environmental news in any corporate setting, and we’ve recently learned that Bacardi Limited, perhaps the best-known makers of rum in the world (and owners of other alcohol brands Martini, Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, and Dewar’s Scotch), has been attempting to do better for the environment.

Called “Good Spirited,” (who doesn’t like a nice pun), Bacardi’s campaign involves recycling, waste reduction, energy efficiency, and other mechanisms to reduce the company’s environmental impact in the world and become more sustainable. For example, they’ve removed plastic straws and stirrers from their North American headquarter events in Florida and their Bombay Sapphire distillery in the UK, which they estimate will save more than 12,000 of the small plastic tubes from landfills annually.

In their original distillery in Puerto Rico, the company reuses water from rinsing oak barrels to spray their cooling towers, and also mulches the oak barrels once they’re put out of commission (20+ years) for local and employee landscaping. Over the past decade, Bacardi has done a fairly good job of reducing water use, packaging mass, internal transportation emissions, and so on, and not only on the rum-making side of things, but also by streamlining Martini bottles, using hydroelectric energy and biomass boilers, and even installing bat roosting boxes on the sides of a distillery after renovations disturbed previous rafter habitat for the flying mammals.

Bacardi Limited’s goals for the next five, ten and fifteen years are impressive in their ambition to reduce energy and water use as well as carbon emissions, and we hope they stick to those pledges. Cheers to a good spirited campaign!

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