Big Day Pledge


As we have in past years, in solidarity with our friends and colleagues at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, we are sharing the pledge drive as far and wide as we can, and look forward to doing our part more specifically in a couple weeks:


On May 9th, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s top birding team will begin the long journey to the Yucatan Peninsula for Big Day 2017. Big Day is an all out midnight-to-midnight birding event to see who can identify the most species in a 24 hour period. Team Sapsucker hopes to find the most birds yet — by identifying 300 bird species.

Their goal is to raise $475,000 for the Lab’s  conservation work. Will you help by pledging $0.10 for every bird species they find?

If they find 300 species, your pledge of $0.10 per species becomes $30; your pledge of $0.25 means $75 for the birds!

Team Sapsucker will be competing in three different locations: the Maya Forests of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize – a critically important area for wintering and migrant birds. This region holds several endemic species found nowhere else on earth and is home to one of the largest remaining contiguous patches of tropical forest in Central America.

The Cornell Lab is working in partnership with governments, conservation organizations, and local communities in countries in the Yucatan Peninsula, where conservation science is critically important to help save birds and their habitats.

With your support, the Lab will continue to be a global hub for scientific research, education, and citizen science.

Please pledge a gift today. Birds need your help now more than ever.

Many thanks,
Jessica Cassidy Sig sm.jpg
Jessica Cassidy
Director of Membership and Annual Giving
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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