Snowy Charisma

There just seems to be something about Owls.  Wisdom personified.  Avatar of the Greek Goddess Athena and also of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.  Which came first?  To complicate matters, in other ancient traditions they represent less desirable qualities (bad omens in Arabian mythology, and death in some African and Mesoamerican cultures).

I can almost picture a Zack Snyder battle on the big screen covering all this territory.

Meanwhile they remain charismatic members of the ornithological world.

According to veteran Owl researcher Denver Holt:

 “People pay attention to owls more than other birds because they look like us,” he said. “They have a symmetrical face, eyes facing forward, a round, flat face and a round head with feathers that look like hair.”

In his New York Times article Jim Robbins writes that owls are not only harbingers but barometers, helping us understand the status of fragile ecosystems.  Daniel J. Cox’s photographs give readers a stunning view of both the owl’s majesty and scientific importance in these studies.

Bird of the Day? Let’s call these Strigiforme ambassadors the Bird of the Hour!

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