Littler & Bigger Pictures

That bumper sticker activated my reflective reflex.  36 hours later I was going back, trying to find an article I had read (but when?) that quite artfully illuminated “things” for me.  Things related to that bumper sticker and the recent visit to New York City.  I found the article, re-read it, and recommend it.

At the same time I had photos and correspondence with Tal (he is the one looking at his camera in the photo below that Milo took) in the mix.  That all seemed related too (but how?).


That article did not then, nor does it now, provide clarity.  More, an impression.  Illumination by abstraction.  Why did I feel the need to find that article again if it did not explain anything? It was a piece of art more than a scientific explanation.

Seth and I had visited a museum that same autumn weekend of our OWS visit, and I had taken some snapshots as we walked together.  I took another look at those just now.  If graphic art can illuminate written art, the close ups of Jackson Pollack capture the article’s accomplishment the most, but Monet comes in handy too in a big picture manner.  Even that magnitudinously gauzy installation pushed my thinking forward.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From that bumper sticker to now, 50+ hours after I first saw it, the closest I come to clarity is a recognition that I have not yet elaborated (with clarity) what we are doing on this site, and why, and for whom.  Seth and Michael had asked me to help with that when they got the site going back in June.  One thing is clear: I am late.  I thought the site should speak for itself before trying to explain it.  I was practicing abstraction, or impressionism; unfortunately, not very artfully.

No, just plain late.

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