Coffee Flowers

Coffee plantations are found in the Western Ghats of Southern India on hills and misty mountains ranging from an elevation of 800m – 1500m above sea level. The coffee flowering season is a spectacle to be experienced. It looks like a pale jewel glittering in the crown of the coffee plant. The white blossoms have a beautiful scent which attracts honeybees, butterflies and other pollinators.

Coffee flowers begin to grow fruit once pollinated. The strong scent, similar to Jasmine, is hard to ignore by anyone who passes nearby. The fragile flowers last about one or two days and easily fall from the branch if disturbed. Coffee is mainly grown as a cash crop but it can be found in some gardens as both ornament and tourist be found to attraction.

5 thoughts on “Coffee Flowers

  1. But when is the season please? we are going to Kerala in december and would love to know we would be there for this spectacle
    Thank you

    • Hi Mrs. Basden. The harvest is in the beginning of the year, depending on rainfall etc. So the main flowering period will be a bit earlier than your arrival, but there may still be some. And seeing the big fat coffee “cherries” is wonderful as well! Thanks for stopping by!

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