Sound Suits

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I’ve written about numerous artists who have just the right “tinker’s eye” to see the aesthetic potential in what many would call trash.  But as far as I know, Chicago based artist and educator Nick Cave (not to be confused with the deep voiced musician of the same name) is the only one to take the next step to turn sculpture into a kinetic, interactive celebration.

Using a multitude of found and flea market objects in materials ranging from metal, plastic, twigs, fabric and even dyed human hair, he creates costumes/sculptures that ping, clank and rustle with each movement.  In addition to gallery and museum installations, the dance trained artist has “exhibited’ the suits in both choreographed pieces with professionals and with students moving as their costumes inspire. Imagery such as Native American and African tribal costumes; Mayan, Tibetan and Indian textiles; and ideas as far flung as Yetis, Ents and Yarn Bombing came to my mind while exploring the gallery photos.

What do they make you think of?

Slide Show Images: Nick Cave, Soundsuits, Photos by James Prinzvia Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.

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