Hide and Seek with Matterhorn @ Alps

Looking back on my family trip to Switzerland, I realized that the most prominent aspect of the humungous mountain tops covered in snow was not their size but the fact that they are shy during the day and bold in the morning and night. Whenever my family and I hiked up or took the cable cars up the mountain to see the famous peaks, the clouds kept blocking our views while we were trying to take a picture. However, we didn’t give up and kept waiting and waiting just to get a quick glimpse of the peak that was revealed for literally five seconds until the next cloud came. So, here we go!

Matterhorn, Zermatt was the toughest of them all. Its great height (4477m), steep front face, and isolated position from other peaks create the well-known “banner clouds” which make Matterhorn look like it’s blowing out smoke from the lee side.


Panoramic View of Matterhorn at 3pm, Zermatt, Switzerland 


Close-up view of Matterhorn

In contrast, when I woke up early in the morning to make an international call at a public phone booth (6AM), I encountered the view below: a perfectly clear view of the mountain which had given us such a hard time during the day.


Matterhorn at 6am in the morning from the town bridge

I decided to write this post because I wished somebody told me ahead of time that morning is the best time to see Matterhorn. I hope this helps any travelers who are traveling to Zermatt, Switzerland with that on their “to do” list! 🙂

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