A Friend Writes From Nicaragua

The email yesterday was brief:

Back in MR, what a treat! There is wifi in the reception area, don’t remember that from last time… ūüėČ
My friend was back at Morgan’s Rock three years after his first visit, at that time without his kids. ¬†This time it was with his three kids whom we have known since their childhoods a decade back. ¬†One of them is off to university shortly and the others are going to do the same in the coming few years, so this visit was an opportunity to all be together in a special location. ¬†The follow up email today was also brief:

It doesn’t get better…


Safe to say they are enjoying themselves. ¬†Seth has¬†plenty of reasons to recommend Morgan’s Rock to our family friends. ¬†So does Amie, for that matter. ¬†Me too, especially when I think back to the time a dozen years ago when Seth, Milo and I camped on those hills in the right of the photo above that my friend sent today. ¬†Below, a photo from other friends who visited Morgan’s Rock in April…

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