Gangsta Guerilla Gardening

Food activist Ron Finley campaigns to “change the composition of the soil” in his hometown of South Central LA. In place of the “food desert” made up of liquor stores and fast food (not to mention drive-by shootings) he and his volunteer organization LA Green Grounds plants “food forests” in abandoned lots, traffic medians and sidewalk parkways.

Finley’s point of view is a call to arms to change our conversation about food.

The city of LA leads the United States in vacant lots. They own 26 square miles in vacant lots. That’s the equivalent of 20 New York Central Parks. That’s enough space to plant 724,838,400 tomato plants.

As a combination vegetable graffiti artist and gardening gangster, Finley and his organizations have revitalized these pockets of land into tools to transform, educate and feed his community. With “dig ins” and plans for pop-up fresh food cafés and street farmer’s markets he’s looking to activate his hood, turning shovels into the weapon of choice.

9 thoughts on “Gangsta Guerilla Gardening

  1. Excellent post I We grow our own food, and I am so pleased so many more are becoming aware of how important Fresh Food is.. and just what we are doing to our bodies with all the fast food junk that is being eaten.. Many thanks for this wonderful post.

  2. Reblogged this on Our Lives In Harmony and commented:
    Now this is showing Mother Earth some love! Our Sacred Mother loves and supports us, sustains and shelters us and yet we continue to harm and poison her. When I see inspiring stories like this it warms my heart and I must share.
    I truly appreciate when people get involved and actively DO SOMETHING to make their community better instead of ‘talk talk talk’ with no action to back it up. I feel it is SUPER important to re-plant the nature that has been lost to Urban Jungles as it is always done with dignity, respect and love.
    The benefits that community gardens provide are enormous. Least of which are re-connecting to our Sacred Mother and the sense of community among the gardeners. Everyone is there for a common goal and for the good of the whole. This is lost in us now in our sprawling metropolises, this brings new meaning to the term ‘Urban Jungle’.
    I watched a documentary called Fierce Light: When Spirit Meets Action it was all about a community garden, like these, in LA. Eventually the garden was plowed for no really good reason except to ‘make money’. I highly recommend the documentary, it is very well done and will pull at your heart strings.
    I wish this team of urban gardeners, Gangsta Guerilla Gardeners all the success they deserve. Please offer your support by liking and following them too. Since we cannot be there with them it is the next best thing.
    Cheers! -michelle.

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