Dealing with Invasive Species One Holiday Table at a Time

Lionfish (also known as turkeyfish) have venomous spines that can be very painful Photo: NOAA

When I was growing up a common Thanksgiving holiday decoration included a colored paper turkey formed by a tracing of my hand, the fingers forming turkey feathers. While that memory might seem out of left field it makes more sense when you start looking at photos of turkeys parading around a barnyard alongside the many lion fish photos we’ve been publishing in our Citizen Science in Belize series.

This NOAA article about lion fish, or turkey fish as they’re imaginatively calling it, is a perfect “if you can’t beat’em, eat ’em” extension.

Thankfully, organizations like the National Ocean Services and ReefCl are making efforts to challenge the invasion scientifically, culinarily and with a great touch of bling.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

3 thoughts on “Dealing with Invasive Species One Holiday Table at a Time

  1. I wish they would become more popular to eat because they are certainly invading and suffocating important waters. Awareness like this helps.

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