Speak for the Trees

img_2807_zpspgvnjiddWe have a special place for any citizen science project, no matter what kingdom of natural life it covers, or whether its accomplished at home or in the field. Now we’re learning about a new project covering trees from The Nature Conservancy’s “Cool Green Science” blog:

What Is i-Tree?

i-Tree is a Swiss army-knife collection of tools that people can use to measure the impact individual trees and forests.

In fact, the collection of tools is so comprehensive it can seem overwhelming. But don’t be daunted. Here’s the information you need to get started.

For citizen scientists, i-Tree Streets and i-Tree Pest Detection are two key instruments in the i-Tree arsenal. (Many of the other tools are designed primarily for city officials and forest managers.)

For each tree that you select to inventory, i-Tree Streets can estimate the tree’s effect on greenhouse gasses, air quality, and stormwater overflow. Find a group in your area that is conducting a tree inventory with i-Tree Streets. City governments and conservation organizations can collect the data for use at the local level.

Why Is i-Tree Important?

Most cities are losing tree canopy each year.

“Most cities are interested in planting more trees and see the values including environmental, social, and public health,” says Toomey. “It’s one of most economical things cities can do. The biggest barrier is a lack dedicated resources for planting and care for trees.”

Learn more at the source, here.

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