Butterflies From Another Perspective


Forest mother-of-pearl
‘It was a painstaking process, holding my breath and sitting perfectly still every time I pressed the shutter release. It seemed to take forever’

Time for a break from the regular news. Here are some visual reminders of why we care for nature, and why we protect it. Thanks to the Guardian for bringing this photographer’s unique technique to our attention in the photo feature titled The butterfly effect: wings in extreme close-up – in pictures:

5988 (1).jpg

Detail of a Malay lacewing butterfly. Photograph: Jake Mosher

Thanks to that feature, I wandered into this commercial project, valorizing the beauty of butterflies, that I can recommend as worth a look:


*** Featured in the Royal Photographic Society’s Journal, and also in The Guardian. Please take a look at their photo gallery display here.***

Limited edition, 1 of 1 pieces. When one sells, it will not be reprinted in any size, ever. This is your chance to own collectible, one-of-a-kind pieces of art the likes of which the world has never seen before.

These images are the composition of hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of 4:1 macro photographs of butterfly and moth wings. There is no artificial color, imported designs, or any “drawn” artifacts. This is art and photography intertwined, and these images are only available here. This work has been recognized as entirely unique to me.

I use Pure Art Printer’s proprietary metal art for these, unmatched in color, contrast, and durability. Each piece will come ready to hang, signed by me, and include a certificate of authenticity. The detail displayed in these images in truly unbelievable.

Please take time to visit my store, Wearing Wings, where many of these remarkable patterns have been transformed into wearable art. You can see them all here.

The Guardian’s display is anyway worth a full look:

3000 (5).jpg

Atlas moth
‘Making these images, I was struck by the realisation that I was seeing an entirely new type of art, each one different, each one full of the thrill of discovery’

3000 (6).jpg

Sunset moth
‘This is arguably the most colourful insect in the world. I took 100 photos of a small section of wing, moving the camera on its rail a minuscule amount each time to change what was in focus’

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