Full Circle, With Birds

A holiday tree made of recycled wood, displaying ornaments made from recycled other materials

Yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, I posted on themes that are central to our work with Authentica and Organikos. Recycling creatively is a focal point of that work, as is more careful management of natural resources. The tree in the photo above, and the ornaments adorning it are examples tailored for the holiday season. The bottle full of birds in the image to the right is another example, as are the images below.

There was an article I posted a couple weeks ago that has been on my mind constantly, wondering how so much plastic can be generated per person. Which raises the question of what we can do about it, apart from the obvious need to reduce the plastic we each are responsible for generating in our daily lives.

One answer comes from the woman who single-handedly brings plastic waste full circle with her love of birds, for others who love birds. She makes these in a little workshop, and we display them with the same affection with which she crafts them.

She cleans up her community, removing plastic waste. Instead of sweeping it under the rug, metaphorically speaking, she celebrates the part of nature she cares most about with these striking reminders of our need to reduce. And what’s still leftover, re-use. Creatively.

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