Over the River and through the Botanical Garden

20160105_164051_zpsalrrh8nfAt Xandari we offer a garden and farm tour that consists of showing guests through our botanical garden, Mandala garden, and orchid house and educating them on the properties of each of the plants. When I was asked to translate the tour for our head gardener Jose Luis I immediately accepted. However, after agreeing to be the translator it dawned on me that my rudimentary knowledge about plants (species, genus, and all that scientific terminology amounts to high school level biology) could be a limitation to the learning experience of the guests. Adding to my worry, the guests taking the tour are well versed in plant identification and were hoping to learn more about the tropical plants we have. To prepare myself, I skimmed the plant identification binder we have, decided to take it with me on the tour, and hoped for the best.

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Lalbagh Botanical Gardens – Bangalore, Karnataka

Photo Credits : Dileep Kumar

Photo Credits: Dileep Kumar

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens is situated in the heart of Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka State. Hyder Ali, the sultan of the Kingdom of Mysore commissioned the gardens 1760, but his famous son, Tipu Sulthan, saw to its completion, importing rare and exotic trees and plants from places as far flung as Afghanistan and France. Continue reading

Botanical Garden – Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Photo credits : Renuka

Photo credits: Renuka

Ooty Botanical garden was designed in 1847.  One of the central features of the 55-acre property is a fossilized tree trunk believed to be 20 million years old. Other highlights include rare tree species, exotic and ornamental flowering bushes and plants, and a conservatory containing ferns and orchids. Continue reading