Wild Periyar: June 12, 2012

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Our Central Reservation Team recently visited the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

We were really happy and enjoyed a lot in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. We saw a bunch of elephants and a bison very close to them. Rafting of 3 hours was very good and the chance to be in nature was appreciated. We hope to visit again the next time we’re back in Thekkady.

– Mr. Shyam, Mr. Ashley and Mr. Sumesh

Wild Periyar: June 10, 2012

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We recently met Mr. Manoj, a tourist escort who is a regularly visitor at Cardamom County. He was happy to share some photographs from his most recent trip to Thekkady.

I visited Periyar Tiger Reserve along with my some of my business friends. We were really pleased to have such good sightings. We saw elephants, bisons and many birds, but the main attraction was the natural ambiance of the park which helped us to unwind. – Mr. Manoj

Wild Periyar: May 27, 2012

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Two days ago I camped with friends in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. We had wonderful sightings: a herd of elephants with a baby, a single bison grazing in the forest, and a bear (a very lucky sighting but from a long distance). It was nice to spot animals at a very close distance and to catch them on camera. I visit the reserve frequently as an official forest watcher, but it is a different experience for me every time.- Mr. Salim

Wild Periyar: May 22, 2012

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Mr. & Mrs. Sutton staying at Cardamom County visited Periyar this morning and wanted to share their wonderful sightings with us.

While staying at Cardamom County we visited the Periyar Tiger Reserve and enjoyed a lot there. The first thing which attracted us was the Periyar’s naturally blessed landscape. Our kids were very excited and happy to spot elephants, wild dogs chasing sambar deer, bisons, wild boars with their piglets and some the birds too. We were so lucky to spot the elephants with the little one after a short period. This was a unique experience for us and our kids and we hope for the same in future. – Sutton Family

Periyar Sightings: April 12, 2012

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Mr. David and Anbella from Luxemburg shared their experience of Periyar with us:

We stayed at Cardamom County and took a visit to the Periyar Tiger Reserve. We were happy to spot many birds and wild boars. Our main goal was to spot elephants, which was unfortunate for us because the forest guide told us they hadn’t been sighted for the past two days. Anyhow we enjoyed the wildlife we did see, even though we didn’t find the elephants. – Mr. David

Periyar Sightings: March 31, 2012

We interacted with Mr. Orillard Pascal and Nathalia from France, who visited Gavi on March 29, 2012. They shared some of their photos.

We visited Gavi on Thursday.  As it was quite hot, we thought we wouldn’t spot animals. But we were very  lucky to see elephants grazing on the mountains. We also saw some birds and a Malabar giant squirrel. We enjoyed the spice tour and tea plantation visit too. We really enjoyed our stay at Cardamom County and activities around Thekkady.

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Periyar Sightings: March 14, 2012

Today we happened to meet Mr. & Mrs. Daya who stayed at Cardamom County from the US. They were happy to share their experience of safari at Periyar Tiger Reserve.

We were very pleased & happy to see the animals at Periyar Tiger Reserve. We had very good sighting of the gentle giant (Elephant), but were a little disappointed due to the distance. We could not spot them very nearly. We’ll go back again and hopefully we’ll see more before we leave tomorrow. We really enjoyed our experience in the Periyar Tiger Reserve.- Mr. Daya

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Gavi Sightings: March 13, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Kash, our guests at Cardamom County, have shared photos from their jeep safari excursion to Gavi- a widlife sanctuary at the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

We stayed at Cardamom County, Thekkady in Kerala planning to spend our day inside the forest. The staff suggested we go to Gavi. The three hours of open jeep safari along the path situated between the mountains was so exciting. During the  jeep safari we had some good mountain views & the driver showed & explained the depth and height of the mountains. Then we trekked inside the forest along with a forest guide. We didn’t have much luck spotting animals but saw some black monkeys (Niligiri Langur), Malabar giant squirrel & some birds. It was a wonderful & unique experience to be in Gavi, one of the beautiful settings of the Western Ghats. – Mr. Kash

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Periyar Sightings: March 12, 2012

Mr. Remack & his family (from France but originally from the US) were guests at Cardamom County and shared their moments in the Periyar Tiger Reserve with us.

During our stay at Cardamom County my family and I visited the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Because the sun seemed quite hot we didn’t expect that we would spot many animals. But we were very lucky to spot the wild dogs ready to hunt sambar deer, an elephant and some of the wild boars. We spotted some birds too. We were really pleased to have such wonderful sighting. – Mr. Remack

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Sightings at Periyar Tiger Reserve

Ms. Rita & her colleagues (our current guests at Cardamom County) from Malaysia have shared some of their photos taken during the Nature Walk at Periyar Tiger Reserve.

I have visited Kerala every year for the past few years with my colleagues. This time we stayed at Cardamom County, where we scheduled a Nature Walk in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. We had some good sightings of  birds and animals. It was an excellent journey being in the forest with just the four of us and our forest guide. The guide seemed to be very experienced, giving information all along the path which we followed in Periyar Tiger Reserve. We also spotted little tadpoles. The guide informed us that it is the current breeding season for them. We enjoyed it a lot and hope for the same in future. – Ms. Rita

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Periyar Sightings: March 8, 2012

Mr. Roshan & family from the U.S.A were staying with us and shared their experiences of the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

Coming from the Rocky Mountains our family loved the 3 hour Nature walk in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. We were so impressed by the large Indian Wildlife such as the Sambar deer & Indian gaur (Bison). We also saw the world’s smallest deer (the mouse deer) and many birds and monkeys. The forest felt very safe with our knowledgeable forest guide. – Mr. Roshan Continue reading