A Thousand Miles

I recently watched a video that became a personal challenge.  It brought to mind that famous Lao Tzu quote, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

After watching this video, I arrived at the equation: small changes = sustainable.  In other words, sustainability is the thousand mile journey; small changes are the baby steps that get us there.  This video highlights our ability to grow as we challenge ourselves to do something new for a mere thirty days.  I thought and thought of something that could be worthy to merit a thirty-day challenge; however, it was then that I realized that I was taking the small step out of the equation—no task is too small towards my sustainable journey.

For thirty days, I have challenged myself to three small actions:

  1. Meditate.  Meditation as a distinct, daily activity is something that I have never been comfortable doing nor have taken the time to do.  I am aware of the potential powerful results of the small action, and I am challenging myself to meditate ten minutes every day for thirty days.  Though I am apprehensive, I am curious to see how meditative I can be…
  2. Reach out.  I believe a strong community is a pivotal aspect of a sustainable lifestyle, yet I hardly put forth the support within my own.  I am challenging myself to make one phone call a day to someone outside my direct family to strengthen and lengthen my community reach.
  3. Clean up.  Every day I pass by many pieces of waste.  It’s too hot, the person behind me will run me over, I’m late, or “ew, gross.”  Translation: my pitiful excuses to bypass litter.  For my challenge, each day I will pick up at least one item of waste and dispose of it properly.

As ambitious as I pride myself to be, I am interested to observe my results from these small challenges.  I see and enjoy the benefits of others’ small steps and how they contribute to a more sustainable livelihood, and I hope that mine will contribute to the same.  I wonder what kind of challenges my fellow mankind can conquer!  A thousand miles seems easier with company.  Have any ideas for one small step?  Check out this video for inspiration of your own thirty-day challenge!

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