Post-Estuarial Paddling +

In “Kayak Surfing with a Friend,” I described the surfing in words and included a short video. Here is some longer and better footage of the experience, this time including Pierre (brown hair), me (black hair), and Bismar (green shirt). We have concluded, after experimentation with the paddles and waves, that this activity would be a great post-estuary kayak experience if the tide is right. Since I had mentioned this to Bismar (a Morgan’s Rock guide) he decided to join Pierre and me after completing his estuary tour with some guests, so that he could see for himself.

In the spirit of retrospection, I have found a few other interesting additions to past posts.  For example in “Defensive Insects” I wrote about spiders, especially those with green backs. Here are some close-up pictures.

In “Sunset Hill” I mentioned several butterflies and was able to identify them using Phillip J. DeVries’ “The Butterflies of Costa Rica” guide book. Below are a handful of other species that I’ve recently photographed. The first is the common blue morpho:

Morpho peleides limpidaHeliconius hecale zuleikaCallicore pitheasSiproeta stelenes biplagiataChlosyne hippodrome

Here are some photos taken from Sunset Hill:       

  • In “La Cumplida’s Private Reserve” I talked about the risk of spiky plants in the forest, like this palm in the dense forests at Morgan’s Rock. Keeping with that theme of some of the risks that are easily avoided in the forest as long as one is cautious, here is a huge wasp nest (it could be bees but I don’t think so, and by the way this was in the far depths of the finca, far from human contact) and a likely poisonous caterpillar (if eaten).
  • Anyone who has been to Morgan’s Rock will remember the sound of tree frogs calling out at night. After breakfast one morning this guy fell from the ceiling onto one of the tables, and posed for over a dozen photographs.
  • I think I’ve mentioned that howler monkeys are a surprisingly common sight at the Morgan’s Rock property. Here is one of them making his presence known.

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