Brown Hawk-Owl

On the morning of Diwia’s paper-bag workshop, the team was pleasantly surprised by what could only be considered a portent of success and good luck – a small owl was perched on the roof of reception, in plain sight during the daylight hours. I was summoned forth with my camera, and was fortunate that the owl still hadn’t alighted by the time I arrived, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

Being tall, I was especially well-suited to take pictures of the owl, since its positioning on the roof resulted in an angle difficult to access with a camera without a stepladder of some sort. Being vertically unchallenged allowed me to raise my camera far above my head to about level with it and snap several photos in quick succession, progressively moving closer to acquire the best images possible.

The owl humored me with its winks and head-bobs, classic behavior of the birds (and Indians), although I had not previously witnessed it before. Although photographs can’t quite capture the near-farcical gimmicks of the bird, it’s possible to see that it wasn’t only trying to get a better look at my camera’s lens.

An auspicious coincidence (or twist of fate, if you are so inclined) is that in Hindu mythology, the owl is associated with the goddess Lakshmi. Also associated with the lotus, Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, prosperity, as well as generosity and courage. I think it is fair to say that the sighting was an omen; a prophecy of PaperTrail‘s success.

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