Backwater Visions: Part 1

Two Kerala cloud fronts prepare to collide over a strip of land bearing a bounty of coconuts in the Backwaters district of Alappuzha.

This boat's name is one of many tributes to the central figure of Christianity - a prominent religion in the state of Kerala.

This small peninsula, like almost every bit of land on the backwaters, is either inhabited or covered in coconut trees - or as with this strip, both.

The Brahminy Kite, or Haliastur indus, is one of the more common birds of prey of Kerala, but its silhouette is no less regal for this fact.

Traditional Keralan houseboats (known to locals as "kettuvallam") are a more-than-common sight on the backwaters, as are smaller craft used by one or two men to transport goods along the channels.

A beautiful display of Kerala's extreme nephological diversity.

Continued here.

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