Summing Up Summer

During the past two and a half months in Nicaragua I was mostly working at Morgan’s Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge, exploring the property through nature tours as well as hiking by myself. I accompanied the local guides on their excursions with guests, offering constructive criticism based on my previous ecotourism experience and feedback gleaned from the tourists I joined. I wrote over 27,500 words and compiled a couple hundred pictures to publish around 26 posts directly related to Morgan’s Rock, and 20 others from locations around Nicaragua. Combined with the ever-growing variety of fellow contributors to this blog, I hope my posts have educated or at least entertained readers interested in wildlife, sustainability, and conservation.

I arrived in the States about ten days ago, and starting this Wednesday I’ll be back studying at Cornell University’s College of Arts & Sciences. During the Fall semester I expect to continue sharing on Raxa Collective, since several of my courses cover relevant topics within environmentalism. Although I may not be able to include the exotic sort of posts that include photos of amazing animals or my translation of an ex-vice-president’s opinion on reading, Ithaca is well known for its sustainably-oriented citizens, so I’m sure I’ll have enough local material to include on the blog. Until then!

3 thoughts on “Summing Up Summer

  1. We value your collaboration with our Staff at Morgan’s Rock and your great Posts on our property. It was a pleasure having you be a part of our team during your internship and we will be taking into consideration your observations. We will keep you posted on these changes! Good luck in your upcoming year…

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