Wordsmithing: Good

So sly, this one.  Let’s leave OED out of it.  Good comes to mind on enough occasions that we do not notice it; just the sound of the word is enough to lull.  Any one reference would be pointless.  Even without a point, here is a recommendation: listen to this podcast.  There is a good formula and there are plenty of stories of good people.

If you are a regular Radio Lab listener you are likely already familiar with that episode (one of their most listened to, and for good reason, so to speak), in which case find yourself a recording of The Weavers in reunion at Carnegie Hall in 1963.  Listen to Guantanamera and consider this: some years prior Pete Seeger had serious legal problems due to his political views (search it and the story will reward you with a colorful illustration of what “land of the free and home of the brave” really refers to) and yet chose, at the height of Cold War tensions with Cuba, to sing about and quote Jose Marti.  Whether you like the music or not, and regardless of your ideological perspective, listen to Seeger’s voice: no malice, nor fervor; just what sounds to be, by some aural definition, good.

Alternatively (in the ska sense), find The Specials’ original studio recording of Nelson Mandela.  Good sounds and good pleas about a good man.  And for a completely different aural rendition of good, find the original studio recording of Raghu Dixit’s Mysore Se Aayi.  YouTube has some live performance versions of both, but the original recordings are a better place to start.  And it is good to own them.

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