Munnar Mementos: Part 1

The lake Mattupetty, created by a hydroelectric dam only 13 kilometers from one of the Western Ghats' most visited hill stations - Munnar.

One of several beautiful flower species to grace the upper regions near Munnar.

The roadsides of Munnar are host to countless produce vendors - pictured here is a carrot dealer.

Waterfalls such as this one cascade down the steep slopes of the Western Ghats.

A small Hindu temple just outside the town of Munnar -the place of worship of tea plantation employees.

Munnar’s trademark rolling tea hills – dubbed the High Range.

A sheer cliff face of at least 50 meters on the Tamil Nadu border, at an altititude of over 6000 feet.


Continued here.

5 thoughts on “Munnar Mementos: Part 1

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