Those Brown People

In a post some weeks ago on this site, thanks were given to several individuals who have advanced education for all humanity, and provided La Paz Group some of its most talented Contributors.  In this, my first post on this site, I would do the same for Nicholas Brown and all the others responsible for the experience I had yesterday; but the list would be long.  Instead, I will pay tribute to them all through an anecdote about a few:

I was giving a lecture in Quito, Ecuador last year about themes you would recognize as La Paz Group-ish.  In the discussion period after my lecture I was asked if I was aware of “the brown people” in Ecuador.  While many people I have worked with in Ecuador over the last 14 years have skin pigment darker than my own, I would never refer to them that way, so I replied politely that I was not aware of them.

This led to my introduction by email to David Poritz, whose first contribution to this site will help you understand what the questioner had in mind.  I was also introduced by email to Tyler Gage, another member of the Brown community whose approach to entrepreneurial conservation is our cup of tea, you might say.  And, most importantly with regard to yesterday’s experience, Alan Harlam.  You can read a bit about him here, but to understand my experience yesterday better to just read this:

We want Brown to be a community of compassionate people, involved in serious intellectual pursuits, but never divorced from one of the principal purposes of education, to prepare young people for responsible citizenship.

Those are words from the 15th President of Brown University, whose name is on the Center where Alan works.  Alan co-teaches a course called Social Entrepreneurship with Bill Allen, and they invited me as a guest lecturer.  I spent 80 minutes with 30+ Brown People, and can report to President Swearer that his expectations for the University are being well met.

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