Pachyderm Premonitions

At the risk of being tagged a superstitious bumpkin, I bring up the topic of auguries for the second time. My first omen of good fortune in Kumily was the appearance of an owl – the portent was indeed accurate, as shown by the success of Diwia’s paper bag workshop. Today, while in the Periyar Tiger Reserve, I sat on a bamboo raft and allowed my gaze to amble into the skies. It was a bright, sunny day (my toasted face solid evidence), with a clear sky save for a few small outcroppings of water vapor drifting in the soothing breeze. One particular puff of cloud caught my eye for a single reason – it looked like an elephant.

Amused but not particularly touched, I returned to my casual waterline eye-scanning. Not 10 minutes later, the significance of the elephant cloud hit me, albeit from about a football field’s distance.

2 thoughts on “Pachyderm Premonitions

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