Landscape Yearnings

Beaver damage

As someone who enjoys the outdoors and the wonderful silence that nature provides, I have recently begun to feel the emotional effects of being surrounded by metal and concrete.  I, along with millions of others, am living in Buenos Aires and I am counting the days (8) until I have the opportunity to leave the city and enjoy the serenity of grass and the ability to see the stars. Recently I have had the good fortune of being asked to do some exhibitions of my work including many of  the photos that I took while down in Patagonia.

Preparing for these exhibitions has yet again reminded me of the beauty that Patagonia provides, and also the necessity to conserve and preserve its current conditions.  A variety of concerns (lack of funding, hydro-dams, pollution, beavers, among others) are threatening the iconic landscapes of Southern Patagonia, which if they are left to their own devices, will morph the topography of this not only beautiful, but also important region of the world.

In any case, however important it is to keep this information in mind (and I can direct you to organizations who share the same concerns and do their best to conserve Patagonia – just comment below), I still prefer to reflect on the beauty that I was exposed to during my time there.  Therefore I leave you with some more photos from Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego.

PS – If you happen to be in Buenos Aires and would like to see the photos “en vivo” send a message or comment below!

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