Cochin Sunsets

From two of the windows in our flat in Cochin, the sunset at around 6 is visible, albeit with some structural interference. Nonetheless, the colors and hues, scientifically explained only two days ago, are visible from almost the entire city, or at least all the windows facing west.  As the seasons change, so do the sunsets – in February, the sun was a red ball of dull light without any spectral diffusion. In September (and now October), the sun sets a dull orange, and the entire sky looks like a beyond-hot mass of hydrogen and helium.

2 thoughts on “Cochin Sunsets

    • Hi Vijo,

      Thanks for the comments – the northern lights are actually one of the natural phenomena that I want to see the most, although when I do it might be a bit beyond me to explain it scientifically.

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