Through the Looking Glass

Hoopoo by Textile Artist Abigail Brown

Question: What would a Natural History Museum look like in Wonderland?

Answer:  Abigail Brown’s studio.

The Victorians were avid collectors, and there’s something deliciously Victorian about the detail and precision with which textile artist Abigail Brown practices her craft, bringing the winged world to life with bits and pieces of cloth that each carries their own history.

After what she calls “a magical journey” around the world, she eventually became a resident at London’s Cockpit Arts, yet another definition of Wonderland.  There she lovingly stitches the new and the old together, exquisitely crafting one-of-a -kind ornithological treasures.

A social enterprise that’s a creative business incubator?  Seems like the perfect nest to hatch these little birds!

6 thoughts on “Through the Looking Glass

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