Trumpet Tail

Mature female Trumpet Tail (Acisoma panorpoides) photographed in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Unfortunately well camouflaged (at least for their prey and photographers), this species is another exceptionally small one. The good news for me was that Trumpet Tails, due perhaps to their small stature (and presumably metabolism) cannot fly for long distances, and therefore are easy to chase and photograph.

I find the abdomen’s structure to be quite beautiful – certainly more so than the straight-and-narrow ones of say, gliders or marsh hawks.  Sadly, although I found the male to be more attractive, the two or three I chased always landed in uncomfortable positions (such as at the bottom of a ditch filled with spiky plants, on the bank of a pond with a drop of about a meter, incidentally also covered with spiky plants, and in the middle of a stream, the bank of which… well, I’m sure you can guess.

The point is, I wasn’t able to get the pictures I wanted, although what I did manage to capture is fortunately not too blurry to be useless:

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