Springtime in Argentina

For many of our collaborators and readers alike, October is typically a month where jackets are being pulled out of the closet and images of 4:30pm sunsets are coming to mind.  Despite the fact that I’ve lived in South America for over 2 years now, decades of habit still conjure up those same impressions.  However, this does not change the fact that I love warm weather (maybe a byproduct of living in Chicago for over 15 years) and that spring draws people from their winter caves and a new energy emerges within the populace.

The temperature here right now (about 20 degrees Celsius) is the equivalent of what I experienced in southern Chilean Patagonia at the height of summer…I’m glad  that its only going to get warmer.  So whether you are saying hello or goodbye to warm weather, I hope these images will help with the transition.








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