Twitcher’s Random Walk

Visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website, for whatever reason, and you will likely get carried away.  Something will catch your eye, and your imagination, and the resulting search will lead somewhere like this.  This particular weekend you may soon enough find yourself (courtesy of the New York Times Travel Section) here:

If you are like us, you will immediately want to know more about that vulture conservation thing.

But before you investigate that, you will be intrigued to see the action that supports conservation, so you will go here first (and you will wish you had turned the sound off before watching it, but you won’t know to do that until you read the comments following the video, another example of kingly comments):

After a few minutes there, and wishing you could hop the plane to do that, you get back on task and click that link you had been looking at:

At which point, as you begin to read, you notice the banner photos:

And they keep getting better:

And so on…

Oh yeah, back to the conservation.  You might have clicked here next:

Or here:

At which point a search you had running on another browser page starts making noise, and you go somewhere else entirely:

And, urbanist perhaps, you finally end up trying to determine, is it a fellow twitcher, a street artist, or both at work here?

And for another close up look, here.

And finally the fullest story, here.

What were you looking for at the Lab, anyway?

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