Occupy National Parks, Boycott Coca Cola

Did you read this?  If so, how many times did you say out loud, as I did no less than 14 times: really, Coca Cola?  Here is one example, among many, of a disturbing perspective:

A spokeswoman for Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, Susan Stribling, said … “Banning anything is never the right answer,” she said. “If you do that, you don’t necessarily address the problem.” She also characterized the bottle ban as limiting personal choice. “You’re not allowing people to decide what they want to eat and drink and consume,” she said.

Is this really about something as sacred as liberty?  No.  One of the greatest ideas of all time (the one about certain unalienable rights) is being invoked for purely commercial interests, and that is disturbing enough. 

On top of that, those commercial interests are directly linked to the trashing of one of the greatest wilderness areas on the planet.  Did Coca Cola pay an appropriate price for such a right?  $13 million does not seem like enough to me.  And the National Park Foundation should not have sold out at all, let alone for so little.

What irks me at a very practical level is that our organization has been working diligently this year with the national park that is our neighbor at Cardamom County to establish programs of mutual interest related to conservation.  There is a natural tendency for government agencies to keep an arm’s length distance from private sector, and this situation with Coca Cola has demonstrated why that is smart.  But we believe it does not have to be that way, and hope that Coca Cola has not spoiled the opportunity for others to collaborate effectively with national parks.

From Cumberland and Locke to Franklin and Jefferson I believe rights are about more important things than an ability to decide what to consume.  Standing up to tyranny, for example, is a much more important thing.  But since Coca Cola suggests that liberty is at stake, let’s go with that.

We are at liberty to protest the decision that the National Parks Service made. Occupy Grand Canyon National Park, anyone?

We are at liberty to protest the actions of Coca Cola.  Boycott, anyone?

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