National Geographic Dream Team In Kerala

News came today from the film production company mentioned a while back.  Editing is complete.  The travelers are still friends.  And more.

But the main point was: this Sunday night (India time) we finally get to watch the episode that features Kerala’s backwaters and our houseboats.  Thank you for the notification, Vivek!

To the right is a luggage tag.  Not a non sequitur: we were working on these while the film crew mentioned above was with us.  Our tags had been, quite frankly, boring.  We thought the crew deserved a reminder of where they had been with us.  So our friends at Thought Factory Design came up with a simple reminder.

I hope Vivek, his production crew, and those four dashing stars of the show are all still carrying around trunks, duffel bags, suit cases and carry-ons with these little reminders of their friends in Kerala…

That reminds me.  Before the end of 2011 you will be able to see some of the handiwork of Thought Factory Design if you happen to be traveling in Kerala. 

They have been working this year on a line of authentic, high quality, fun items that represent the best of Kerala.

Via Kerala, a line of stuff that the cool hunters will be raving about, is going to be in at least one place I know well: a small shop very close to the Periyar Reserve.  Let me know if you want to know more.

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