Small Scale

Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle, Jim Doran

When I recently came across the artist/web designer Jim Doran’s work my mind began to swim with connections. In a world where resources, whether our land or our seas, are becoming more and more precious, the more we need to give free rein to our imaginations.  In other words, rarely are solutions found within the status quo.

Doran’s work approaches recycling with the same sort of wit that we all need if we’re going to succeed to overcome either the tragedy of the commons or the tragedy of excess.  Activism takes a multitude of forms, including thinking twice about how we use our consumer or tourism dollars, to how we deal with post consumer waste.  We can also choose to make art versus trash.

The artist quotes writer Colin Wilson as an inspiration in his own site:

Pessimism robs ordinary people of their power.

We have power in choice, in finding beauty in small things, in acting differently.  Sometimes change happens when we peel back the lid of things and see something unexpected, challenging us to make the right choice each time.

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