Going With The Flow

Anyone who has ever driven (or been driven) in India knows well the experience of chaotic flow that can be overwhelming to a newcomer.  When we first arrived here some 18 months ago I was given the helpful advice to “just look to the side”.  The experience is unsettling in a variety of ways: firstly, unless you hail from either Japan, or one of the “Commonwealth Countries” your vehicle is on the “wrong” side of the road.  But secondly (and umpteenthly) your vehicle, and all the neighboring vehicles are on every side of the road.  

The style of driving seems based more on a combination of will and unspoken law than actual rules of the road, and when a driver steps outside those laws the looks exchanged can be withering.  But to the uninitiated it seems impossible to understand what the offender did that was any different from the rest of the crowd.

British photographer Rob Whitworth has brilliantly captured Saigon’s similar street style. Watching from a distance makes all the difference!



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