“Work from Home”

There are countless number of individuals (myself including) who might easily punch these key words on Google search in the fervent hope of finding a solution to earning a legitimate income. And in return one may find many a solution but none that are particularly practical. There are many of these ads which range from data entry, to doing surveys, making online submissions…the list seems to be endless.

Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to participate in a workshop conducted by Diwia Thomas who is the organizer of PaperTrail – a  not-for-profit organisation that makes newspaper bags and paper products from donated newspaper, ensuring a livelihood for women from all backgrounds. 

This was a workshop which probably answers many a concerns of individuals, mainly women, who are unable to work outside their homes due to family obligations.  Diwia’s workshop had an attendance of close to 40 ladies, in the age group of 25-45. I even noticed a couple of septuagenarians; who were all  eyes and ears to Diwia’s instructions on holding newspaper sheaves together and folding them and gluing the paper ends  at the right corners to make the perfect bag.  Age didn’t seem to relate to skill level when it comes to making paper bags; I definitely turned out to be a bad bag maker!

She also spoke at length on how these ladies (predominantly housewives) could plan out their day efficiently, leaving them with ample free time to indulge in this business. The key raw materials for anybody who wants to make such bags would be just newspapers, glue (which can be prepared at home by mixing  all-purpose flour and water over heat) and jute strings, which you get at a bare minimal cost.

By the time you are reading this I am sure the ladies I met at the workshop will have some ‘A’ quality bags ready to be used in our cities, which was maybe all those metropolises needed to be christened as “plastic free”.

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