What The Sea Provides

For over a decade Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang have been scouring their stretch of Kehoe Beach along Northern California’s Point Reyes National Seashore.  Far from the classic beach comber either in search of drift wood or with metal detector in hand, the eyes  of this artist couple are caught by the most pedestrian of materials: plastic.

What they find tells a colorful story of global consumerism, and despite the dour message the sheer quantities suggest, the artists have a lighthearted touch to their work.

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I’ve written about the use of unusual materials in art many times before; here, here and here.  But the sea tumbled touch of this particular detritus combined with an almost Victorian sense of categorizing gives many of their pieces an archaeological appeal.

But to not to belabor the point of where beauty lies, perhaps it’s best to let the artists speak for themselves.

7 thoughts on “What The Sea Provides

  1. I love what Judith and Richard Lang have done in transforming trash to art. Excellent work!
    We have collected a lot of trash on our beach Ocotal (Nicaragua) and had the idea of making a “monument” with all of the trash that comes from the sea but have never had neither the art nor the time to make it happen…
    Congratulations to Judith and Richard and we invite them to a day with us in Hacienda & Ecolodge Morgan’s Rock project…

    • Hi Claire! Maybe we can send a few artist interns your way next summer for that project. If you click on the hyperlink on their names to their website you can find their contact info…I wouldn’t be surprised if they take you up on that offer! Thanks for the comment, Happy New Year and definitely let us know!

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