Sustainable Water System in Your Own Garden!

In my opinion, the major benefit for attending Cornell is an opportunity to meet diverse industry leaders face-to-face. This week I was fortunate enough to meet the Sales Director of Aquascape, a water-gardening company dedicated to creating/installing a sustainable and, at the same time, beautiful and decorative water features in your garden. The main way they recycle the water is through rainwater harvesting – by capturing, filtering, and reusing the rainwater. Instead of letting it flow back into the body of water, we could be converting the impervious surfaces (which cause stormwater runoff) to permeable surface that allows us to capture and reuse the rainwater. With this captured grey water, you could be washing your car, irrigating your garden, reusing in water features, etc.


Of course, maintaining the most natural state of wildlife would be the best means for sustainability. However, since many urban areas are already developed, finding ways to reverse the current industrial development by re-incorporating the natural and eco-friendly features in our lifestyle, like what Aquascape is doing, would be appropriate for our generation.


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