Gold’s Glitter Illuminated

Back at about the time when Michael and Seth had posted their first reflections on this site, and Michael had just encountered his own first truly unusual finding in southern India, the newspapers across India were starting to report on this.  It took me months to be sure it was a true story.  And finally, about Thanksgiving time (USA holiday calendar) I took a moment to reflect on it.  I could not be happier to find that The New Yorker has done the kind of homework I had not had time to do.  If you are not yet a subscriber, now might be a good time to reconsider.

Click the image to go to the story.  I have only just begun reading it as I post this, but I can already tell it will be optioned into film rights, if that has not happened already.  Before writing more on the piece itself, I will check with Vijaykumar Thondamon to get his reaction since he is the only person I know who actually knows some of the people reported upon.

2 thoughts on “Gold’s Glitter Illuminated

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