Find Your Spring

Man is a complicated creature. We learn this in our liberal arts education programs. We learn it in our days of being ourselves and of imaging what it’s like to be someone else. He has seasons like his mother Earth. Some are restful, others treacherous, and some are fruitful as the spring.

Cape Honeysuckle provides nectar for the hummingbirds

We have yet to “re-understand” how sensitive we are to the winds of change, how linked we are to the ground we stand upon.

However I do feel that a general awakening is upon us. If you’re reading this, you’re likely a part of it. After decades of evolving away from lifestyles that were intertwined with the natural elements at our immediate disposal, some of the developed world seems to be realizing we went a bit overboard here and there.

My hope is that we don’t all have to feel it too viscerally before we integrate sharing and conservation into our collective conscience.

Having come out of a winter of sorts, I’m prepared to be an agent for community and collaboration. While for me, for now, I’ll start with my own community, I admire and appreciate Raxa Collective for its commitment to the global community, of which we are all members. It welcomes every effort to conserve and keep a lasting love for the earth’s hidden treasures (and its exposed treasures).

Thankful for that welcoming feeling, I’ll use this platform to share my hidden treasure.

Here is my community. It’s the desert I come from, the valley I love: Palm Springs and the surrounding Coachella Valley. It is home to countless golf courses and swimming pools, and a unique desert oasis ecoscape. In the coming weeks I hope to showcase some of its interesting flora and fauna, as well as discuss some of the interactions between the tourism industry and the destination – a personal topic of interest.

Here in my home town, I’m finding my spring. I’m feeling connected to my roots and to the nature at my doorstep. In sharing it through photos and stories, and working toward protecting it, I hope to help wake up that perceptive part in all of us that syncs us with our surroundings.

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