Galápagos Sea Lions

I just got back from Isabela Island, where I was able to snorkel with a sea lion as playful as the ones in this video (taken, once again, by the ScubaIguana guide Quike Morán), and play with it alone in the relatively shallow waters of Tintoreras (named for the reef sharks that can often be seen there; tinto is red in Spanish; you get the point).

I tried to mimic the swirling, bubble-blowing, and alternating fast and slow approaches as I played with the juvenile sea lion, and was rewarded with a dance even longer than that seen in the video. Instead of biting the camera, the one I accompanied while snorkeling would bring its face right in front of my mask, then suddenly jerk forwards and snap the water 20cm from my face before twirling a meter away to look back at me. The solitary sea lion in this video actually brought a little pebble from the ocean floor on the tip of its nose (unfortunately the moment wasn’t captured on film) to play with us; overall these marine mammals have provided my best experiences in the archipelago so far — but tomorrow I go for another pair of dives at Beagle and Daphne, so let’s see what happens!

2 thoughts on “Galápagos Sea Lions

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