Leading With Historical Vision

President Barack Obama shows students from Johnson College Prep in Chicago, Illinois, a model of Samuel Morse’s telegraph patent in the Oval Office last October. (The White House/Flickr)

We avoid politics, but call out the good, the bad and the ugly in the public sector when needed.  Admittedly, too much of the latter two and not enough of the good. So hail to the geek in chief of the United States of America, who followed through on his promise in one of our favorite magazines two years ago:

When I was sworn into office, I had a chance to request objects from some of America’s finest museums to put on display in the White House. One of my requests was for patent models from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History…

What’s good?  Telling your constituents you want to invest in the future through education; telling young students that innovation is the future of the economy; getting those dusty plates off the wall and celebrating the history of innovation instead.

What else is good?  One of our other favorite magazine sharing this:

Of course, Mr. President, if you want to be serious about your patent love, you’ll need to take a card from our own Geek in Chief here at The Atlantic, Alexis Madrigal, and get inked:

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