Citizen Science, Old School

Coast Guard Museum NW. Citizen scientists have been invited to help transcribe logbooks from legendary American vessels like the Bear, which plied Arctic waters for four decades for the United States Revenue, the precursor of the Coast Guard.

An interesting historical take on a newfangled trend (click the image above to go to the source):

For many years now, volunteers working from home —people like you— have been able to help scientists with important problems.

In the first wave of these “citizen science” projects, people simply lent their computers to help solve problems that could be farmed out in pieces to thousands of machines. Among the first of these was searchingincoming radio signals for evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, although my favorite involved analyzing the folding of proteins to help study diseases and treatments.

More recently, people with spare time have been able to go beyond just lending their computers to take a much more active role. Sitting at home in your pajamas, you can perform tasks like transcribing data from antiquated written records. As I pointed out last year, anybody who cares about climate science can get in on the act, helping to digitize paper records from old ships’ logs and weather balloons.

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